Meet the Team

Sherif Megalodon CCR


Sherif is a Full Trimix CCR Cave instructor, his machine of choice is the ISC Megalodon (he is the longest-standing Meg CCR Instructor in South Sinai). Additionally, he is teaching using the following machines: ISC Pathfinder, JJ-CCR, APD Evolution, and SF-2. Normally, Sherif is conducting courses sanctioned by IANTD and TDI.

He has been a technical diving instructor based in Egypt for many years and has unparalleled experience of the tec diving sites of Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, and the surrounding areas. He teaches Closed Circuit and Open Circuit up to full Trimix and is a highly experienced cave explorer, who located and mapped several new underwater cave systems in Egypt.

Languages: French, English, Arabic.

Moe - sidemount rebreather diver


Moe is an Advanced Mixed Gas CCR instructor, teaching CCR using the following machines: SF-2, Defender, APD Evolution, ISC Megalodon, ISC Pathfinder, JJ-CCR, and Poseidon Se7en. Moe is a PADI and TDI instructor.

Moe has travelled extensively, moving to Egypt in late 2014 - prior to this he gained experience diving in many different environments. He teaches closed circuit and open circuit technical diving, and is the Region’s specialist in the Defender and SF-2 rebreathers.

Languages: English, Arabic

Andy - JJ CCR Instructor


Andy is a Full Trimix CCR instructor. His machine of choice is JJ-CCR (he is the longest-standing JJ CCR Instructor in South Sinai). He is also teaching using the following machines: JJ-CCR, APD Evolution, Hollis Prism 2, ISC Megalodon, ISC Pathfinder, and SF-2. He primarily teaches TDI, and is an SDI and TDI Instructor Trainer, and is also authorised to deliver courses through IANTD, TDI, TecRec, SSI and ANDI.

He has been a technical diving instructor since 2006 and has travelled extensively, settling back in Egypt in late 2016 - prior to this he taught in Cyprus, The Canaries, Greece, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the UK. He teaches both closed circuit and open circuit to full Exploration Trimix level and has a passion for combining this with exploration of the overhead environment, having being involved with teams locating and exploring new cave systems in Egypt and expanding wreck penetration options on some World class wrecks such as the Zenobia in Cyprus. Andy is also a very experienced Technical Sidemount instructor, offering courses and equipment workshops.

Language: English

The CIRCLE DIVERS TEC AND CCR team bring you the best CCR and Technical Diving that Egypt has to offer. The team includes highly experienced technical divers from around the World who share a passion for tec and CCR diving and the endless opportunities made available by using Closed Circuit Rebreathers and tec diving technology.

The Team consists of Trimix Instructors utilising some of the best CCRs on the market today.

 As well as providing exceptional guiding services, including support for expedition diving, we teach CCR and Technical Diving in Sharm El Sheikh - one of the World's best diving locations.

We can also deliver Technical training on most types of CCR, Sidemount Diving, Open Circuit Technical Diving, Advanced Wreck Diving and Cavern and Cave Diving.

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